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Farmland for Sale By Tender (Bid Process)

Strategy Behind Tendering Farmland for Sale

Typically farmland only comes up for sale once every 25 – 30 years, sometimes even longer. The tender system allows each individual producer an opportunity to make their best offer on the farmland package they wish to purchase. This eliminates the age old problem of having farmland listed and sold before you even get a chance to hear about it. The tendering system is an extremely fair and equitable way of selling the property to those who want it most.


Included in each listing below is a Tender Information Package which contains the terms and conditions of each individual listing.  To request an information package on any listing, just click on the Tender Information icon at the top of the screen, enter you name and email address and the documents will be automatically emailed to you within a few minutes.


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Acres of Expertise.

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